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Children With Hope & Love

Children's ministry is one of our newer ministries overseen by Cristina Watson. It started from one small local children's class in the year 2017. Our vision of the Children's Ministry is to explain the Gospel to children who weren't being taught the Truth; give an opportunity for men and women to step into a different type of ministry, and raise up the future generati

on of missionaries. Less than a year later, we began planting other children's classes in the churches that are stable. When we see  someone has an interest in working with children, they enter a discipleship class to be mentored by their pastor and the also receive guidance  by one of the leaders in children's ministry.


Accordingly, in our children's ministry we teach other women and men to teach and raise children up into ministry. All teaching material is provided to them, and this material teaches these children who God is and the fundamentals of the Gospel. All material is examined by the leadership of Hope Ministries and the leadership of the children's ministry. Christmas boxes have been donated to us by Master's Mission, Victory Family Church, and other donors. These boxes are given out through the year during one-day VBS-type events where children and their families come in for the gifts and stay to hear the Gospel taught.

Hope Scholarship

This ministry also plays a role in the educational programs in the state of San Luis Potosi. We raise money to offer a child a full scholarship, which includes their books, all school materials, annual payment, and uniforms. Each student averages about 150 dollars, depending on which grade they are in. These children are elected by trustworthy teachers who are teaching inside of the schools. We search out children who need help. Some may not have parents, a father, or just don't have enough money to attend school. We believe it is important to help if wherever able, and above all, our mission has always been to spread the Gospel. This ministry allows us to bring in people who may have never heard about the Gospel and help them financially, but also spiritually. Children's ministry is expanding daily, and the future goals of this ministry are great, so please keep us in your prayers as we grow.


The following are the approximate costs for students:


  • K-5th Grade: $75

  • 10th-12th Grade: $175

  • (Cost cover tuition, school uniforms, and supplies.)

  • K-5th Grade: $75

  • 10th-12th Grade: $175


(Cost cover tuition, school uniforms, and supplies.)


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